MANY SPECIES of our trees look beautiful in the tough Omaha Beach conditions–sand and summer drought!

Generally the following native trees have been proven to do well in the harsh Omaha growing conditions, (in roughly descending order of size and scale):

  1. Pohutukawa Maori Princess – As screen trees to divert the eye and give privacy from a neighbouring property, large.
  2. Karaka – Medium size trees, large glossy green foliage, yellow berries, easy to prune and control.
  3. Nikau (Chatham Islands, with water for first years) – For feature spots.
  4. Coastal Maire – Beautiful mid green foliage, tough as Pohutukawa, red berries, delightful and rare addition to the Omaha range.
  5. Houpara – The most hardy Omaha tree, always soft green, attractive new growth, berries for small birds, easy to prune and shape.
  6. Houpara Cyril Watson — Beautiful consistent leaf form.
  7. Puka – tropical and very hardy.
  8. Tawapou – Another wonderful and rare addition to Omaha range. Upright form, delicate foliage with pink new growth. Crimson berries.
  9. Akapuka Griselinia lucida) – A hardier and more interesting choice the Griselinia littoralis. Easy to manage at height desired.
  10. Wharangi (45L 1.5m) – Beautiful light green soft foliage, black berries, very pretty small tree, can be kept at 1-1.5m.
  11. Baylisiana – As a feature, the rare Baylisiana,  glossy green, crinkled foliage.
  12. Ferox (toothed Lancewood) – Tougher at Omaha than Lancewood, and more interesting in appearance. Spindly single leader with long, toothed leaf. Grows well to adulthood, when leaf form dramatically changes. Funky.
  13. Elingamita – Another rare coastal species. Glossy green like Karaka, but stays much smaller, and simple to shape.
  14. Tecomanthe – Vine with green glossy foliage like Karaka. Big cream flower drupes. Good option to cover a fence or shed.
  15. Ewekuri –  Coastal/forest upright tree, good street tree and hedge.

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