Hans Kuo



Hans has been takana native trees manager since July 2014, but he was contracting to them previously, so had good knowledge of the operation by the time he took the reigns as manager.Hans has a Master’s degree in Botany (National Chung Hsing University – Taiwan), and his previous experience includes work as a Farm Manager, as well as a CIBA-GEIGY Agriculture Technician.

In his spare time he likes gardening, keeping up to date with new scientific developments, especially in the arena of evolution, and he’s a great fan of movies.He aims to have takana native trees nursery making great strides in the near future.

Morgan Holmes

Tree Planter


Morgan began with takana native trees in 2016. She’s an experienced tree and seedling planter, one of those skills we need a lot of in this business. She loves her work because, as she says, “I’m helping the environment by planting native trees.” Spare time finds her outdoors indulging in her favourite activity – gardening.

Matt Newrick



Matt has been our nurseryman since 2015, but he left other skills to join us. In his previous life he had experience as a cabinetmaker, joiner, and a formica fabricator. He’s also worked in a Mitre 10 Garden Centre.

Matt makes a point of enjoying everything he does, and we enjoy his nursery work. Leisure time for him involves gardening, walking, and visiting native bush walks.

Jamie Simpson



Jamie has been our foreman since 2014, but he worked for takanabefore that doing bagging, weeding, spraying and fertilising. One of his favourite tasks is harvesting our beautiful trees from the field.

He is always doing something with trees and plants and has an extensive garden on his own property. Jamie’s also an avid surfer which has the pleasant consequence of taking him to some of New Zealand’s beautiful locations, as well as overseas.

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