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*Summer Specials till February or while stock lasts

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Akapuka (Griselinia lucida)(45L)Griselinia lucida, Akapuka$100F
Ake Ake Green (Didonaea viscosa) (45L)

Didonaea viscosa, Ake Ake green$110F
Ake Ake Red(Didonaea viscosa) (45L)Didonaea viscosa, Ake Ake red$110S
Baylisiana (Pennantia baylisiana) (160L)Pennantia baylisiana, Baylisiana$650S
Baylisiana (Pennantia baylisiana) (400L)Pennantia baylisiana, Baylisiana$1100M
Black Maire (Nestegis cunninghamii) (45L)Nestegis cunninghamii, Black Maire$140F
Black Maire (Nestegis cunninghamii) (160L)

Nestegis cunninghamii, Black Maire$650F
Coastal Mahoe (Melicytus novae-zealandiae) (45L)Melicytus novae-zealandiae, Coastal Mahoe$100F$80
Coastal Maire (Nestegis apetala) (45L)Nestegis apetala, Coastal Maire$130F
Coastal Maire (Nestegis apetala) (160L)Nestegis apetala, Coastal Maire$580F
Coprosma repens (Taupata) (45L)Coprosma repens, Taupata$90F$80
Coprosma propinqua (Mingimingi) (45L)Coprosma propinqua, Mingimingi$70F
Elingamita (Elingamita johnsonii) (25L)Elingamita johnsonii, Elingamita$100F
Elingamita (Elingamita johnsonii) (160L)Elingamita johnsonii, Elingamita$580M
Ewekuri (Streblus banksii) (45L)Streblus banksii, Ewekuri$140M
Ewekuri (Streblus banksii) (160L) AVAILABLE END 2022Streblus banksii, Ewekuri$580F
Ferns (Cyathea dealbata Silver) (45L)Cyathea dealbata, Silver$150S
Ferns (Cyathea dealbata Silver) (80L)Cyathea dealbata, Silver$275S
Ferns (Cyathea dealbata Silver) (160L)Cyathea dealbata, Silver$480F
Ferns (Cyathea medullaris) (160L)Cyathea medullaris, Mamaku$480M$425
Ferns (Dicksonia fibrosa) (80L) AVAILABLE 2022Dicksonia fibrosa, Wheki ponga$275F
Ferns (Dicksonia fibrosa) (160L) AVAILABLE 2022Dicksonia fibrosa, Wheki ponga$480F$425
Ferns (Dicksonia squarrosa) (45L)Dicksonia squarrosa, Wheki$150F
Ferns (Dicksonia squarrosa) (80L)Dicksonia squarrosa, Wheki$275S
Ferns (Dicksonia squarrosa) (160L)Dicksonia squarrosa, Wheki$480F
Ferox (Pseudopanax ferox) (45L)

Pseudopanax ferox, Ferox$130M
Ferox (Pseudopanax ferox) (160L)Pseudopanax ferox, Ferox$650M
Hinau (Elaeocarpus dentatus) (45L)

Elaeocarpus dentatus, Hinau$140F
Hinau (Elaeocarpus dentatus) (Field)Elaeocarpus dentatus, HinauP.O.AS
Horoeka (Pseudopanax crassifolius) (45L)Pseudopanax crassifolius, Horoeka$130M
Horoeka (Pseudopanax crassifolius) (160L)Pseudopanax crassifolius, Horoeka$650M
Houhere (Houheria populnea) (45L)Houheria populnea, Houhere$120M
Houpara (Pseudopanax lessonii) (45L)Pseudopanax lessonii, Houpara$110F$100
Houpara (Pseudopanax lessonii) (160L)

Pseudopanax lessonii, Houpara$520F
Houpara Trident (Pseudopanax lessonii) (80L)Pseudopanax lessonii, Houpara Trident$140S
Houpara Cyril Watson (Pseudopanax lessonii)(45L)Pseudopanax lessonii, Houpara Cyril Watson$130F
Houpara Cyril Watson (Pseudopanax lessonii)(160L) AVAILABLE AUTUMN 2022Pseudopanax lessonii, Houpara Cyril Watson$550F
Houpara Sabre(Pseudopanax lessonii) (45L)Pseudopanax lessonii, Houpara Sabre$100M
Hungere (Hoheria angustifolia) (45L)Hoheria angustifolia, Hungere$120F$110
Hungere (Hoheria angustifolia) (160L)Hoheria angustifolia, Hungere$290M
Kahikatea (Dacrycarpus dacrydioides) (45L)Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, Kahikatea$120F
Kahikatea (Dacrycarpus dacrydioides) (160L)Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, Kahikatea$480F
Kamahi (Weinmannia racemosa) (300L)Weinmannia racemosa, Kamahi$850S
Kanuka (Kunzea robusta) (45L)Kunzea robusta, Kanuka$110M
Kanuka (Kunzea robusta) (160L)

Kunzea robusta, Kanuka$480M
Karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatus) (25L)Corynocarpus laevigatus, Karaka$65M
Karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatus) (45L)Corynocarpus laevigatus, Karaka$120F
Karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatus) (160L)

Corynocarpus laevigatus, Karaka$450F
Karaka (Corynocarpus laevigatus) (Field)Corynocarpus laevigatus, KarakaP.O.AF
Kauri (Agathis australis) (25L)Agathis australis, Kauri$65M$55
Kauri (Agathis australis) (45L)Agathis australis, Kauri$130F
Kauri (Agathis australis) (160L)Agathis australis, Kauri$550F
Kawaka (Libocedrus plumosa) (25L)Libocedrus plumosa, Kawaka$65S
Kawaka (Libocedrus plumosa) (45L)Libocedrus plumosa, Kawaka$130F
Kawaka (Libocedrus plumosa) (160L)Libocedrus plumosa, Kawaka$580F
Kawaka (Libocedrus plumosa) (Field)Libocedrus plumosa, KawakaP.O.AS
Kohekohe (Dysoxylum spectabile) (45L)Dysoxylum spectabile, Kohekohe$130F
Kohekohe (Dysoxylum spectabile) (160L)Dysoxylum spectabile, Kohekohe$480M
Kowhai Chathamica (Sophora chathamica) (45L)Sophora chathamica$130F
Kowhai Chathamica (Sophora chathamica) (160L)

Sophora chathamica$580M
Kowhai Fulvida (Sophora fulvida) (45L)

Sophora fulvida$130F
Kowhai Godleyii (Sophora godleyii) (45L)

Sophora godleyii$130F
Kowhai Microphylla (Sophora microphylla) (45L)Sophora microphylla$130F$110
Kowhai Microphylla (Sophora microphylla) (160L)

Sophora microphylla$550F
Kowhai Tetrapera (Sophora tetraptera) (45L)Sophora tetraptera$130F
Kowhai Tetrapera (Sophora tetraptera) (160L)

Sophora tetraptera$550F
Mahoe (Melicytus ramiflorus) (45L)Melicytus ramiflorus, Mahoe$110S
Maire tawhake (Syzygium maire) (45L)Syzygium maire, Maire tawhake$150M
Makamaka (Ackama rosifolia) (45L)Ackama rosifolia, Makamaka$130F
Manatu (Plagianthus regius) (45L)Plagianthus regius, Manatu$110F
Manatu (Plagianthus regius) (160L)Plagianthus regius, Manatu$290F
Manuka Wiri Joan (Leptospermum scoparium) (45L)Leptospermum scoparium, Manuka Wiri Joan$110F
Matai (Prumnopitys taxifolia) (45L)Prumnopitys taxifolia, Matai$140F$120
Matai (Prumnopitys taxifolia) (Field)Prumnopitys taxifolia, MataiP.O.AF
Matipo (Myrsine australis) (45L)Myrsine australis, Matipo$120F
Matipo (Myrsine australis) (160L)Myrsine australis, Matipo$580F
Miro (Prumnopitys ferruginea) (45L)Prumnopitys ferruginea, Miro$140M
Miro (Prumnopitys ferruginea) (160L)Prumnopitys ferruginea, Miro$650S
Mistral (Metrosideros excelsa x robusta) (45L)

Metrosideros excelsa x robusta, Pohutukawa Mistral$140M
Mistral (Metrosideros excelsa x robusta) (160L)

Metrosideros excelsa x robusta, Pohutukawa Mistral$650M
Mountain Toatoa (Phyllocladus alpinus) (300L)Phyllocladus alpinus, Mountain Toatoa$1250S
Ngaio (Myoporum laetum) (45L)Myoporum laetum, Ngaio$110M
Nikau Mainland (Rhopalostylis sapida) (45L)Rhopalostylis sapida, Nikau$125M
Nikau Pitt Island (Rhopalostylis sapida) (45L)Rhopalostylis sapida, Nikau Pitt$210F
Nikau Pitt Island (Rhopalostylis sapida) (80L)Rhopalostylis sapida, Nikau Pitt$420F
Nikau Pitt Island (Rhopalostylis sapida) (160L)Rhopalostylis sapida, Nikau Pitt$825F
Nikau Pitt Island (Rhopalostylis sapida) (Field, 4m)Rhopalostylis sapida, Nikau PittP.O.AM
Oro Oro (Nestegis montana) (45L)Nestegis montana, Oro Oro$140M
Oro Oro (Nestegis montana) (160L)Nestegis montana, Oro Oro$580F
Papauma (Griselinia littoralis) (45L)Griselinia littoralis, Papauma (Canterbury)$110F$100
Pittosporum Karo (Pittosporum crassifolium) (45L)Pittosporum crassifolium (Karo)$110F$100
Pittosporum Karo (Pittosporum crassifolium) (80L)Pittosporum crassifolium (Karo)$250F
Pittosporum Karo (Pittosporum crassifolium) (160L) AVAILABLE 2022Pittosporum crassifolium (Karo)$390F
Pittosporum Kohuhu (Pittosporum tenuifolium) (45L)Pittosporum tenuifolium (Kohuhu)$110F
Pittosporum Kohuhu (Pittosporum tenuifolium) (160L) AVAILABLE 2022Pittosporum tenuifolium (Kohuhu)$390F
Pittosporum Stephens Island (45L)Pittosporum ralphii (Stephens Is)$110F
Pittosporum Stephens Island (80L)Pittosporum ralphii (Stephens Is)$250F
Pittosporum Stephens Island (160L)

Pittosporum ralphii (Stephens Is)$390F
Pittosporum eugenoides Tarata (Pittosporum eugenoides) (45L) Pittosporum eugenoides (Tarata)$110F$100
Pittosporum eugenoides Tarata (Pittosporum eugenoides) (160L) AVAILABLE 2022Pittosporum eugenoides (Tarata)$390F
Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) (45L)Metrosideros excelsa, Pohutukawa$120F
Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) (160L)Metrosideros excelsa, Pohutukawa$480M
Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) (1000L)Metrosideros excelsa, Pohutukawa$2250F
Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) (Field)Metrosideros excelsa, PohutukawaP.O.AF
Pohutukawa Maori Princess (Metrosideros excelsa) (45L) AVAILABLE WINTER 2022Metrosideros excelsa, Pohutukawa Maori Princess$140S
Pohutukawa Maori Princess (Metrosideros excelsa) (160L) AVAILABLE WINTER 2022Metrosideros excelsa, Pohutukawa Maori Princess$580M
Pohutukawa Springfire (450L)

Pohutukawa Springfire$950M
Pohutukawa Springfire (1000L)

Pohutukawa Springfire$1750M
Pokaka (Elaeocarpus hookerianus) (45L)

Elaeocarpus hookerianus, PokakaP.O.AS
Pokaka (Elaeocarpus hookerianus) (Field)Elaeocarpus hookerianus, PokakaP.O.AS
Porokaiwhiri (Hedycarya arborea) (45L)Hedycarya arborea, Porokaiwhiri$130F
Porokaiwhiri (Hedycarya arborea) (80L)Hedycarya arborea, Porokaiwhiri$225M
Puka (Meryta sinclairii) (45L)Meryta sinclairii, Puka$130F
Puka (Meryta sinclairii) (160L)Meryta sinclairii, Puka$550F
Pukatea (Laurelia novae zealandiae) (45L)Laurelia novae zealandiae, Pukatea$140F
Pukatea (Laurelia novae zealandiae) (450L)Laurelia novae zealandiae, Pukatea$1350S
Puriri (Vitex lucens) (45L)Vitex lucens, Puriri$120F
Puriri (Vitex lucens) (160L)Vitex lucens, Puriri$480F
Putaputaweta (Carpodetus serratus) (45L)Carpodetus serratus, Putaputaweta$130F
Putaputaweta (Carpodetus serratus) (160L)

Carpodetus serratus, Putaputaweta$550F
Rata (Metrosideros robusta) (45L)

Metrosideros robusta, Rata$130F
Rewarewa (Knightia excelsa) (45L)Knightia excelsa, Rewarewa$130F
Rewarewa(Knightia excelsa)(160L)

Knightia excelsa, Rewarewa$480F
Rimu (Dacrydium cupressinum) (45L)Dacrydium cupressinum , Rimu$140F
Rimu (Dacrydium cupressinum) (Field)Dacrydium cupressinum , RimuP.O.AM
Tanekaha (Phyllocladus trichomanoides) (45L)Phyllocladus trichomanoides, Tanekaha$140F
Tanekaha (Phyllocladus trichomanoides) (160L)Phyllocladus trichomanoides, Tanekaha$580F
Tanekaha (Phyllocladus trichomanoides) (Field)Phyllocladus trichomanoides, TanekahaP.O.AF
Taraire (Beilschmiedia tarairi) (25L)Beilschmiedia tarairi, Taraire$65F
Taraire (Beilschmiedia tarairi) (45L)Beilschmiedia tarairi, Taraire$120F
Taraire (Beilschmiedia tarairi) (160L)Beilschmiedia tarairi, Taraire$480F
Tawa (Beilschmiedia tawa) (45L)

Beilschmiedia tawa, Tawa$140F
Tawapou (Planchonella costata) (25L)Planchonella costata, Tawapou$80F
Tawapou (Planchonella costata) (45L)Planchonella costata, Tawapou$130F
Tawapou (Planchonella costata) (80L)Planchonella costata, Tawapou$325S
Tawapou (Planchonella costata) (160L)Planchonella costata, Tawapou$580F
Tawhai (Lophozonia menziesii) (160L)Lophozonia menziesii, Silver Beech$450M
Tawhero (Pterophylla silvicola) (45L)

Pterophylla silvicola, Tawhero$130F
Tawhero (Pterophylla silvicola) (300L)Pterophylla silvicola, Tawhero$950F
Tawhero (Pterophylla silvicola) FieldPterophylla silvicola, TawheroP.O.AS
Tecomanthe (Tecomanthe speciosa) (45L)Tecomanthe speciosa, Tecomanthe$110F
Ti Kouka (Cordyline australis) (25L)Cordyline australis, Ti Kouka$65F$55
Ti Kouka (Cordyline australis) (45L)Cordyline australis, Ti Kouka$110F$100
Ti Kouka (Cordyline australis) (160L)Cordyline australis, Ti Kouka$390F
Titoki (Alectryon excelsus)( (45L)Alectryon excelsus, Titoki$120F
Titoki (Alectryon excelsus) (160L)Alectryon excelsus, Titoki$450F
Titoki (Alectryon excelsus) (Field)Alectryon excelsus, TitokiP.O.AS
Toatoa (Phyllocladus toa toa) (60L)Phyllocladus toa toa, Toatoa$250M
Toatoa (Phyllocladus toa toa) (300L)Phyllocladus toa toa, Toatoa$1250S
Toro (Myrsine salicina) (45L)

Myrsine salicina, Toro$110M
Totara (Podocarpus totara) (45L)Podocarpus totara, Totara$110F
Totara (Podocarpus totara) (160L)Podocarpus totara, Totara$420F
Totara (Podocarpus totara) (Field)Podocarpus totara, TotaraP.O.AF
Totara Blue (Podocarpus totara matapouri blue)(45L)Podocarpus totara matapouri blue, Totara Blue$130F
Totara Blue (Podocarpus totara matapouri blue)(160L) AVAILABLE 2022Podocarpus totara matapouri blue, Totara Blue$480F
Totara Gold (Podocarpus totara aureus) (45L)Podocarpus totara aureus, Gold Totara$130F
Totara Gold (Podocarpus totara aureus) (160L)

Podocarpus totara aureus, Gold Totara$480F
Turepo (Streblus heterophyllus) (25L)Streblus heterophyllus, Turepo$70F
Turepo (Streblus heterophyllus) (45L)Streblus heterophyllus, Turepo$130F
Wharangi (Melicope ternata) (45L)Melicope ternata,Wharangi$100F
White Maire (Nestegis lanceolata) (45L)Nestegis lanceolata, White Maire$140M
White Maire (Nestegis lanceolata) (160L)Nestegis lanceolata, White Maire$580S

Please Note: All prices are exclusive of GST and are subject to change without prior notice.

*Summer Specials till February or while stock lasts

FAQ’s – Tree selection & cultivation

How do I know which native trees I want?

First look at the data in the Tab “Find Your Tree”, then click on the name of the tree, or click on ‘View All Trees’ and you will get more data plus photos–trees suitable for every situation NZ can offer.

What if I get them and they die?

Knowing the effort our customers make in their sourcing and planting, we are happy to replace trees which have died within 4 months of despatch from our site . And trees do die sometimes. So we replace them or suggest alternatives subject to availability. There are handy tips for planting and caring for trees on our website

Are natives slow?

Of course some are slow, but most of them are strong growers, and some are fast by any standards. so don’t be under the illusion that natives take forever to make a show. BUT, plant a native and you could be responsible for a living thing that will last for a thousand years. Imagine that!

Do natives transplant well, especially at bigger stages?

Yes they do. There are several big tree nurseries like us which supply natives. Our replant experience is overwhelmingly successful, and your takana tree is guaranteed for replacement anyway as set out above.

Why are the names so hard?

We agree, but a bit hard to pinpoint the answer. takana uses Maori names wherever we can establish the correct Maori word. We don’t use the old (cringeworthy) English names like Celery Pine, Whiteywood and others we should not even quote in a family website. But the Maori names are not used nationwide, so there can be confusion. The trade relies on the Botanical names, which are of course long and latin, and even these keep changing as new requests are accepted by the powers that be. Some like Tawapou (Planchonella costata) have two latin names in common use. Some have no Maori name, mostly the rarer species, so we either choose a part of the latin name, like Baylisiana (Pennantia baylisiana) or Elingamita (Elingamita johnsonii), or the English name like Coastal Maire (Nestegis apetala) or Silver Pine (Manoao colensoi).

Why do you wish to stock so many trees?

Surely some are too rare to be commercial? Yes, but we are helping to preserve some threatened species, and though those are usually the slow growing ones, they are beautiful and will have a place if we can just showcase them to our customers. 4 of our trees were saved by scientists who discovered one single example.

How do you move your field trees when you sell them?

We dig them out of our beautiful soft peat soil with our Terrasaws (like a chain saw), with big 1m square at top rootballs, about 800mm deep in a wedge, lift them with our machinery then wrap them in hessian or shrink wrap, and load them on to a Hiab or other transport. On arrival the hiab, or your own equipment lifts them to be placed directly into the hole, with the wrap holding the root ball together while the tree settles into its new home. We have a very high success rate, with a relatively low cost system.