Looking to increase your knowledge of native trees? Here’s our recommended reading list.


  • New Zealand’s Native Trees, by John Dawson & Rob Lucas – Craig Potton Publishing
  • Wardle’s Native Trees of NZ & Their Story, by John Wardle — Bateson Publishing Ltd (NZ Farm Forestry)
  • Eagle’s Trees & Shrubs of New Zealand, by Audrey Eagle — Craig Potton Publishing
  • The Gardener’s Encyclopaedia of NZ Native Plants, by Cave & Paddison—Random House
  • A Field Guide to the Native Trees of NZ, by J T Salmon—Reed Methuen
  • Plant Heritage New Zealand, by Tony Foster—Penguin Group
  • Native by Design, edited by Ian Spellerberg & Michelle Frey—Canterbury University Press
  • Taupo Native Plant Nursery Ltd Annual Descriptive Catalogue & Reference Guide
  • Indigena Magazine (NZ Farm Forestry Assn)—Bateson Publishing Ltd
  • Tane’s Tree Trust Technical Handbooks & Newsletters  (David Bergin Editor)


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