Advantages of CCF Timber quality

  • A larger proportion of the growing stock is in large high value trees
  • The bulk of the volume increment accrues on the best trees by giving them space to grow
  • Better environmental outcomes
  • Continuous and high quality soil protection, especially on steep slopes
  • Better retention of natural biodiversity, species composition and a tiered stand structure
  • Little visual impact from harvesting—appearance hardly changes ever
  • Management flexibility of the system
  • Harvest times can be flexible to avoid market pressure periods

Disadvantages of CCF

  • Planning and initial management required
  • Initial establishment of desired species can be more expensive
  • Higher cost of the extra expertise required to manage the forest
  • Long time frames to achieve stabilisation of desired species
  • Cost of extraction due to scattered nature of harvest and need for s dense system of tracks
  • Animals need to be managed
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