PROPOTS – a More Eco-Friendly Product

  1. Supplying trees to streets, reserves, schools, homes and other
    worthy projects is a cool and eco-friendly business to be in. We, and you as
    customers, do our bit to help cleanse the atmosphere through carbon
    sequestration. Nevertheless, we have been using too many non-
    biodegradable woven bags.
  2. Takana native trees is progressively embracing the best
    practice system of biodegradable hessian wrap on as many of our trees as we
  3. As many of you will know, and as our Packing Slips detail, we
    have commenced the extensive use of PROPOTS. These were formerly
    called Side-Slot Pots (SSPs) but in the interests of maintaining a simple and
    consistent industry reference standard we now refer to these as ProPots.
    ProPots have slotted sides which allow air to reach the roots, naturally
    restraining them while promoting good fibrous root growth which eliminates
    the strangling that can otherwise occur in containers.
  4. Once grown in the ProPot, when we receive your orders, we tap
    the tree out, and wrap it in hessian for shipment. The root balls have
    consistent size and shape, with flat bottoms to allow trees to stand upright in
    transit, and on site for several weeks.
  5. We then recycle the ProPots for your next trees.
  6. When you plant, you should leave the hessian wrap on to feed
    the soil but ensure the ties round the trunks are released and freed up.
  7. Not all our species are suited to Propots. For example, the
    Metrosideros species are too vigorous, so we still use 45L bags for them.
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