We sell native trees… at BIG tree stage!

  1. NZ’s only Native BIG Tree Nursery  >85 species (solely natives)
  2. Complete range of native trees (i.e. capable of >5m height)
  3. Wide range of bag sizes including 25L, 45L, 80L, 160L, plus field-grown trees
  4. Supplying big trees >2m—trees that have grown through the difficult seedling baby stage, when natives often “sit & sulk”
  5. Matakana has the climate, takana has the peat soil to provide best growth
  6. takana can advise on the right native tree for your situation
  7. Natives can be scary, daunting—we can help you through the issues
  8. takana guarantee to supply you beautiful trees as ordered, in peak condition and to your satisfaction, every time.
  9. takana will monitor progress and offer further assistance
  10. The takana website sets out tree choice guidelines & planting techniques
  11. Our principal bag size is 45L —large enough for the tree to mature into, but relatively easy for you to move
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