We sell native trees… at big tree stage!

takana, in Matakana, near Warkworth, grows almost every New Zealand native tree, at heights of 2m-5m in carry bags from 25L up to 450 Litres, plus field trees.

We have more than 80 species of beautiful native trees at big tree stage to enhance your landscape spaces, because…if you need instant impact, life’s too short to wait for small plants to become specimen trees.

Currently takana is a wholesale nursery.

We welcome all wholesale enquiries by phone or email, we run a delivery service, and we have a pick up system.

takana is a wholesale nursery, and our trees are at wholesale prices for delivery in quantity. 

So we cannot accept delivery orders for first time buyers of less than five trees.


takana grows more than 80 species, as well as intra-species variations. Half of these species are not commonly available from NZ nurserymen, but all have their own beauty and place within our unique ecology. And surprisingly, many of us have little or no knowledge of these – how they grow and what conditions they suit.


takana has a policy of stocking all the native trees which will grow in the North (i.e. from Waikato/Bay of Plenty north).


Generally, the better the conditions, the happier the tree will be. Soil, shelter, and shade are the key points. Trees need water, BUT, while some like damp conditions all the time, others can’t stand constant dampness. You need to have researched the tree tolerance of wet & dry conditions, and preferences for soil, shelter & shade, before you choose!


On the premise that NZ wishes to emphasise the wonderful heritage of our biodiversity in today’s plantings, and be able to reduce our dependence on exotic species, we need to be striving to expand the trees specified, and use additional examples from our native range.

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