There has been a big swing to natives over the past 15 years, for many reasons:-

  • Sentiment—national pride
  • Growing appreciation of their essential quality
  • NZ’s unique biodiversity
  • Natives suit NZ !
  • So many different qualities & adaptability to a range of conditions
  • Great range of colours many greens & browns & reds
  • Types of tree—spreading, conical, palms
  • Divarication—wild geometric shapes
  • Juvenile forms—what triggers the change?
  • Birds
  • Majesty of feature trees
  • Age possible—oldest living things
  • Flowers/berries/nuts/seeds/cones
  • Restoration of native fauna brings trees into sharp focus—off shore islands

The Emissions Trading Legislation

  • Carbon sequestration from natives (reclassified)
  • Native Forestry reinvigoration
  • Longevity of natives
  • Revenue flows produced from both carbon credits and timber
  • Timber value –from culling

Desire to become serious about pest control has rejuvenated natives especially those appetising to possums.
Desire to reduce eradicate & manage exotic plant pests like willows wilding firs, pines, privet, pampas etc
Desire to portray our landscape as essentially and uniquely kiwi not Australian or English.

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