In 2008, when Don Turner decided to start a big tree nursery, ideal land on peat at Matakana was purchased, and takana took shape. takana has set out on a policy of stocking all the native trees which will grow in the North (i.e. from Waikato Bay of Plenty North). Now takana grows some 80 species, as well as intra-species variations. Perhaps half of these species are not commonly available from NZ nurserymen. All though have their own beauty and place within our unique ecology. And surprisingly, many landscapers and retailers have little or no knowledge of these—how they grow and what conditions they suit. Which is perhaps why so much of our native planting is confined to a handful of best known species.

Don became convinced that kiwis need to understand the story of their native trees better—and has set out to help tell this story. He believes we deserve and need more than just the best known species if we are to do justice to NZ’s rich biodiversity. Not all the species have succeeded in the warmth of the Matakana microclimate, but there are sufficient to add greatly to the range of colours and forms of what we are planting.

There truly is a native tree for every situation—we no longer need to resort to planting exotics in locations where previously insufficient native species were available. takana trees have been nurtured through the difficult juvenile stage, where attrition rates can be very high. takana offers big trees only (minimum 45L bags, usually 2m+), so that customers can be confident they have robust stock ready to make their mark as fine specimens in their chosen position. takana labels are consistent, descriptive and accurate, so you have a lasting measure of what the tree needs, and how it should develop.

takana wants to help you choose the right natives for your location—and give some options for your selection from the wide resource that we offer.

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